Warehouse services

AMVLogistics warehouse services in Estonia:

AMV Logistics provides warehouse services in nearby Rae Parish, Lehmja village (see the location from the map)Goods are handled at the heated warehouse. For smaller goods we can offer cool – and freezer storage. Rae logistics center area is approximately 4200 m2 icluding approximately 1,000 m2 customs warehouse – terminal. Logistics Centre meets all modern requirements. For loading we can use 5 loading ramps.

Services and warehouse types:


Warehousing services offered:
Unloading trucks and containers
A visual check of the goods and the unit
Warehousing and storage
Cargo Management FIFO
Cargo marking and labeling
Waybills, invoices and labels printing
Distribution and courier services

Customs warehouse – warehousing
Customs warehouse enables us to provide the following services :
Warehousing (except for CAP goods under which the customs authorities may set a time limit )
Customs warehouse can store non-Community goods , the import duty paid , and without commercial policy measures.
Warehousing after temporary storage at the end , inward processing, temporary importation
Simultaneously stored in the customs – and EU goods ( the goods + non-Community goods together)
A customs warehouse can locate in the same space and the same surface with the customs terminal
Inward processing, processing under customs control
Change of ownership of the goods in a customs warehouse
Commodity bundling, pre-sale preparation – tax stamps , labels, labels for pasting
Partial delivery
Interruption of transit through , for example, tax stamps bonding , assembly of goods , etc. to collect a larger shipment .

 The customs  terminal is similar to the principles of the Customs bonded warehouse, but the goods can not be handled as it allows the bonded warehouse.
Customs terminal is able to non-Community goods are stored temporarily pay import taxes.
The maximum storage period of up to 21 calendar days.
Customs terminal located in the cargo can be applied to the partial import or transit procedure.
Customs terminal can not be applied to change goods owner


Regular warehouse storage or EU stock
There is no time limit for storage (if it does not require the nature of the goods)
It is possible to store only the EU
Assembly of goods, Marking, Labeling, etc.
Preparation for sale, packaging
Processing of goods

AMV Logistics has all the necessary insurances for warehouse services, which provides our customers with confidence in the preservation of the goods.