Fuel surcharge

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From 01.04.2022, AMV Logistics OÜ’s transport service prices will be subject to a fuel surcharge or BAF (abbreviation of the English term Bunker Adjustment Factor). The application of a fuel surcharge is inevitable and driven by the constant change in the price of fuel.

We calculate the fuel surcharge as follows:

• The rate of diesel fuel price increase (in percent) is multiplied by the coefficient 0.33 (the average share of fuel in the cost of providing transport services).

• The base price is the average wholesale price of fuel for the second half of 2021 of €1.13/Liter including VAT.

• When the wholesale price of diesel fuel falls below €1.13, the BAF value is 0.

Example: the wholesale price of fuel on 03.01.2022 was €1.23, a price increase of 8.85% and the BAF for February 2022 is 2.92%.

BAFI values:
• 2024 Aprill 11,30%

• 2024 March 11,82%

• 2024 February 10,93%

• 2024 January 8.79%

• 2023 December 10.25%

• 2023 November 12.95%

• 2023 October 14.87%

The calculated value of the wholesale price is obtained based on the average of the wholesale fuel price of the last 5 working days before the beginning of the period. The minimum period for changing the BAF value is half a month.

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